Our Philosophy

Our mission is to create a small community within the school. We strive to educate children to be creative, respectful, and confident individuals while fostering skills that will enable them to meet the demands of a complex world.  We strive to provide a climate for growth where children are encouraged and helped to understand their world through the full use of their senses, their feelings and their intellects. Developing a good self-image is crucial to the child and considered the most important ingredient in the learning process.  For this reason, the child must perceive that he/she is an individual whose thoughts, feelings and emotions are significant and worthwhile.

We believe in helping the child to realize his/her own personal worth and power, and encourage each child to assume responsibility for him or herself, his/her work and his/her choices.  Within the areas of communication, play, work, and self-organization, we stress the child’s personal responsibility and self-reliance.

A child learns through repeated experiences leading to hypothesizing, testing, and discovering.  It is through self-expression and play that the young child learns to organize his/her thoughts and makes sense of the world which provides the permanent and growth producing learning of cognitive concepts.  This same medium of play functions to promote social values as well.  This slow, arduous process involves learning to understand how to share, cooperate and empathize with others.  Play and small group activities are vital in this respect as it is through these experiences that the child learns to establish relationships with others, builds interpersonal trust and emotional maturity.

We endeavor to instill in each child an awareness of God, a love of self, and a love of others.  This philosophy is woven throughout our program in the form of music, art, drama, and many more creative forms of play.  In keeping with this philosophy, learning to say thank you in prayer is a part of every snack time.  We feel the child is not “taught” Christian values so much as nourished in them.  At goodbye time, we ask that God may watch over each of us. This is a prelude to further growth and development toward Christian understanding. A feeling of God’s love for families and all people is on going in loving, caring relationships with other children, their parents and a well-trained staff.  

We do celebrate Christian Holidays such as Christmas and Easter. It is important to note that we do not teach any doctrine.  As stated, our emphasis is on the Christian environment.